Suze’s PCA
Play Selection Committee

At Suze’s PCA it takes a village to select a great season.  We’re looking for 6 people to read a lot of plays and then recommend the new season to the Executive Director & the Board.

Directors are encouraged to put forth the shows that they would like to direct. Your name will ride with the script and you will have right of 1st refusal to direct if your suggestion is on the final recommendation list.

Your committment

Time to Read or Watch

We read or watch between 40-70 plays in about 5 months in order to recommend a Season of 12 plays.  Do you have the time & passion for theatre?


We don’t stop at just reading. Each member must research the success & frequency of past performances to make sure our recommendations will sell tickets. Do you have time for this extra effort?

Meeting Attendance

We meet 2x in September and then once/month through the end of February. Can you commit to attending the meetings?


At Suze’s PCA we have a responsibility to our patrons and community to respect their preferences. Will you be able to set aside your favorite plays if they are not in alignment with our patron’s desires?

Initial List

Do you already have an initial list of plays that you could bring to the table for discussion?

The Process

The Play Selection Committee

1.We read and watch many plays

2. We bring our suggestions to the meetings for discussion.

3. We narrow the list down to our recommendations plus a few back ups.

4.  We recommend the season order by the due date


The Executive Director

1. Gives us the number & type of shows needed for the coming season (musicals, comedy, drama, holiday) and the due date

2. Confirms our understanding of our patron’s preferences

3. May put forth an “Exec Directors Choice”

4. Works with us on the final recommendation and season order

5.  Presents the season to the Board for a vote

The 2025-26 SeaSon

Play Selection Committee

Celia Osborne


Parker Anderson

Member & Historian

Bill Krauss


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